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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Jabalpur Pincode / Post Office Search (JABALPUR, Madhya Pradesh)

Adhartal S.O 482004JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Agasaud B.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Amahinota B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Amkhera B.O 482004JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Anandnagar S.O (Jabalpur) 482004JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Archha B.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Badkheda B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Baghraji B.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Bai Ka Bagicha S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Barbati B.O 482021JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Barela S.O 483001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Bargi IPC S.O 483050JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Bargi Nagar S.O 482056JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Bargi S.O 482051JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Baroda B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Baroda Chhedi B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Belkhadu B.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Bheraghat S.O 483053JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Bilhari S.O 482020JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Chargawan B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Chhartarpur B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Dehri Khurd B.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Deori Patpara B.O 483001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Dhanpuri B.O 483001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Dhanwahi B.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Dharampura B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Dixitpura S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gangai Badkheda B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gangai Bijori B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gangai Padaria B.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Ganjipura S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Garha Bazar S.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Garha Phatak S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Garha S.O (Jabalpur) 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gauraiyaghat B.O 482021JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Ghat Piparia B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gohalpur B.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gokulpur S.O 482011JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gun Shop S.O 482005JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gupteshwar S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gurandi Bazar S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gwarighat B.O 482008JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
H.R.Lines S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Hanumantal S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Harrai B.O 482051JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Hathital S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
High Court S.O (Jabalpur) 482007JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Hinotia Bhoi B.O 483001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Howbagh S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
I.T.I. S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Imlai B.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Imlai B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Jabalpur Cantt S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Jabalpur City S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Jabalpur Factory S.O 482011JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Jeewan Bima Nigam S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Jonesganj S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Kailwas B.O 482021JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Kaladehi B.O 482051JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Kaladumar B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Kamala Nehru Nagar S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Kanchanpur S.O (Jabalpur) 482004JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Karmeta B.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Khajri B.O 482004JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Khamaria Market S.O 482005JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Khamaria Neemkheda B.O 482021JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Khamaria S.O (Jabalpur) 482005JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Khirahani B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Khukkham B.O 483001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Kutchery S.O (Jabalpur) 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Lac Lines S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Lamheta Ghat B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Lordganj S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Luhkari B.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Mahagawan B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Maharajpur B.O 482004JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Majitha B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Mangela B.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Miloniganj S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Mohas B.O 482051JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Motinala S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Nagar Nigam S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Napier Lines S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Napier Town S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Nichi B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Nigri B.O 482051JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Pachkuiyan B.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Padaria B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Padwar B.O 483001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Panagar S.O (Jabalpur) 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Perfect Pottories B.O 482008JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Pindrai Barha B.O 482021JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Piparia B.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Polipahar S.O 482008JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Prem Nagar S.O (Jabalpur) 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
R.F.R.C. S.O 482021JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Raipura B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Ranjhi Azad Nagar S.O 482005JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Ranjhi S.O 482011JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Reewan B.O 482051JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Regimental Bazar S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Richhai S.O 482010JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Sagada Jhapni B.O 482021JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Sahajpuri B.O 482056JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Sarsawa B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Sarswati Vihar S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Shobhapur S.O 482009JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Simaria B.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Singod B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Sonpur B.O 482005JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Subhas Nagar B.O 482004JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Sukha B.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Sukha Bharatpur B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Sukri B.O 482051JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Sundarpur B.O 482005JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
T.T.C. S.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Telegraph Work Shop S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Temarbhita B.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Tilsani B.O 482001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Tilwara Ghat B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Tinsi B.O 482051JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Tripuri B.O 482003JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Umaria Choubey B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Umaria Kudari B.O 483001JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Umaria Pathra B.O 483220JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Vehicle Factory S.O 482009JabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Wright Town S.O 482002JabalpurMadhya Pradesh